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3 ratings

chrißynet - a premium sponsorship experience.

HIYA! Welcome to Chrißynet! This is a ~voluntary~ membership portal where you can just give me $7 a month because you like me and you want to succeed. That's it!

I do have benefits, duh! As a patron of chrißynet, you experience:

  • a premium discord where i talk about my esoteric shenanigans. yes, you must pay me to see me go off the wall.
  • i give u premium access to all the weird shit i read and see. access to google drive full of documents.
  • book club! every week we gonna talk about a book. vote on what other books we read.
  • premium access to asking me astro or metaphysical questions whenever (and I'll answer whenever, lol.)
  • i premium-ly demo my content for you, including but not limited to
    • my astro & you series!
    • worksheets and prompts!
    • courses & programs
    • newsletters!
    • videos.
  • you get to help me! duh, is that not premium enough to say that you sponsored chrißy. u believed in me before everyone else. therefore u get to go on my gratitude journal lol.

All memberships include a 1 month free trial

I offer a LOT of stuff many would pay for free as a part of the chrißynet membership. I find that there will be a lot of mutual value for both of us if I did it this way.


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